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Debra is an intuitive healer focused on subtle energy. She is a certified Level 2 QHHT hypnotherapist, certified reiki practitioner and is a lifetime student of metaphysics. She also earned her Masters of Arts in Organizational Management.  After a series of life altering, awakening experiences in childhood and well into adulthood, she learned to embrace the value of her gifts rather than ignoring or fearing them.
Working in the corporate and non-profit worlds using her skills as a mental health professional had its rewards however, she discovered the joyful potential and freedom of healing through altered states of consciousness using modalities such as shamanic trance states, hypnosis, light touch and reading the Tarot. Her heart and gifts are in these expansive practices. Debra is passionate about empowering people with alternative healing.  She enjoys yoga and hiking in the mountains of southwest Colorado.
Reach her at mtnreiki@yahoo.com or www.mindseyehealingarts.com.

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