Blog #5 Healing Hands

Reiki is a form of energy healing meaning “mysterious atmosphere, miraculous sign”.  It comes from the Japanese word REI meaning “universal” and KI meaning “life force”.   Reiki has been practiced for thousands of years, but was formally named and developed into an organized technique by Mikao Usui in 1922.   According to some healers and yoga teachings, illness is a manifestation of stuck energy in the body.   Reiki moves stuck energy, releasing blockages and restores the natural flow of life force which returns the body to its healthy state. During a session, the practitioner directs healing energy/Reiki into the client through the palms of the hands.  This universal life force energy is intelligent and knows EXACTLY where to go and how to heal.  The practitioner is a conduent, channeling this beautiful and powerful healing energy.  Typically, you will feel very relaxed and soothed and notice results by feeling a sense of well-being during and after the session.


Our bodies are made up of atoms which have electromagnetic fields, so it makes sense that our physical structures are surrounded by energy fields.  Science has recently caught up to what healers have known for thousands of years.  The body is energy and basically has a force field around it.  We like to call this an AURA.   When you are healthy, this field is vibrant and strong and emanates about 4-5 feet around you.  Of course, when you are experiencing illness or discord of some kind, this field can become weak, or develop holes or tears.  This field interacts with the other people you stand next to, your pet, and even someone you think about who may be living in another state or across the globe.  It also interacts with the larger universal quantum field.  There is not empty space.  That is why when you think of someone you haven’t seen for a while, you may suddenly get a call from them.  It is also why Tarot readings work and objects can be “read” by psychics who are skilled at  “seeing” subtle energy.

There is intelligent and vast information flowing through and around us.   It is timeless and it is always present.  It is there even if you don’t understand it or believe it.  We are constantly sorting through this data on a subconscious level and at times, we can interpret this information consciously.  Our ancient ancestors probably understood this system better than we do now simply because they were more connected to nature and less distracted.  This is changing as we begin to wake up to our true and natural healing abilities within.

Tapping into the universal life force and quantum field of healing energy requires a stillness and openness and willingness to love the self and connect to the higher energies available in any given moment. Reiki and Tarot can help you open to this powerful healing force, integrate it and practice self love in a new way.   If you are reading these words, you are ready to heal.