The Void

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Often during my QHHT sessions, clients go to a place some have referred to as the void.  It’s a mystical place in between lives where there is pure peace, bliss, no-thingness.  It’s a feeling that I, as a practitioner get to experience because the feeling permeates the space. Being empathic and clairsentient also helps, but it really is a palpable feeling.

This space has other names and sometimes has no names, but it is a definite place or dimension that many of my clients have described while in the peaceful state of hypnosis.  I love when this occurs during a session because the incredible experience and blissful peace that overpowers the session is always beyond healing.  It’s almost hard to put into words, because it diminishes the immensity of the experience.  I can tell you this, it is very potent and it does seem to be a collective theme that our souls share.

After witnessing this time and time again, the peace and comfort that I see is so amazing, I can never stop being in awe of the void.  In Norse mythology, there is Rune that is blank and it symbolizes this vast emptiness where creation begins and all possibility exists.  Imagine visiting there and feeling the potentiality of everything and the serenity of no-thing all at once!

Perhaps this is something you can experience during a QHHT session.