QHHT is like mystical, magical carpet ride.

Blog 6 Isis

I’ve come to think of it as journeying through a portal of healing light where you enter a higher dimension filled with amazing beings who gently guide you through the story of your life while offering deep, lasting healing and answers to your questions.  

Depending on the intentions you set and the questions you need answered, you are shown various stories of your past lives, or aspects of your past from the life you are living now.  You are gently opened up so wide, so skillfully and so beautifully, that you are shown your radiant worth and glorious beauty and it’s so incredibly bright that you can shine from the inside out for days afterward.  

You are shown, in a brillant and intricate manner, the reasoning of events that are far beyond anything you could have imagined.  It is so simplistically woven together yet mind blowingly complex, that there is no way our humble hearts could have ever constructed the plots, yet there it flows.  Out of your being, falling off of your lips, through the vessel of your body as perfectly as a well polished novel.  The story of YOU.  

This is just the first part of the QHHT session: and then the healing begins. 

Your body, the container of your magnificent soul is then scanned and healed by something incredible and literally out of this realm, yet deeply connected to us. YOU, your subconscious, your higher self, whatever you choose to call it guides the session.  I personally can’t quite find a label that does this justice.  Whatever you need and whatever you allow and is appropriate to your perfection on your path will be provided.  Any question you have is lovingly answered.  There is always truth, often humor and occasionally firmness.  This is you, your voice and love permeates the atmosphere.  This beautiful process and palpable feeling of love and wisdom never fails to astound me.

THIS is a QHHT session.