The Power of Ancestral Healing

Blog #2 Angel Light

Did you know that as you heal, you help your ancestors heal?  The efforts you make towards your wellness impact not only the ones who have come before you, but your future lineage as well.  How can this be?  The fascinating study of epigenetics tells us that events, environments and behaviors actually effect our genetics and these factors have a direct impact on the genes and DNA that are passed on from one generation to the next.

Trauma can be inherited and can then manifest in deeply ingrained behavioral patterns which can play a role in keeping families stuck in poverty, addiction, codependency and physical disease.  There is illuminating research emerging that indicates these patterns and subsequent behaviors can be changed and therefore impact the actual energetic and genetic structures and signatures in humans.  This again boils down to our powerful minds affecting matter.  It always seems to get down to that.  But how does knowing all of this help the ones who are related to you now or those who have passed to the great beyond or haven’t even been conceived yet?  Consider that if trauma can be passed to your ancestors, so too can love and empowerment.

Changing your thoughts means changing your energy.  As you think healthier, more uplifting and loving thoughts, your energy field vibrates at a higher rate.   Thoughts impact your brain waves and subsequently the cells in your body.  Science knows about neuroplasticity, meaning the brain can modify, change and adapt in response to events in order to evolve and heal.  Your brain is designed to grow and use energy to transform in ways that impact every cell in your body.  Your words and thoughts resonate with power in the electro-magnetic field surrounding you.  This field interacts with everything on which you place your focus.  This focus actually brings events, people and feelings to you.  Yes, you are that powerful!

We know that energy is never destroyed so in this way you can be sure that those loved ones who have gone before you are benefitting from your healing too.  Have you ever wondered if your ancestors and their ongoing journey and positive, uplifting thoughts may be healing you in this very moment? Who knows what kind of help and potent healing you may be receiving from beyond the veil?  It sure doesn’t hurt to offer up some uplifting thoughts of gratitude to those who share your genetic blueprint.  We may not know exactly where and how those distant relatives are, or if the ones who aren’t here yet will fare better than we have, but know that energy healing is a potent form of transformation and you are a powerful being.    As you heal, so too do those around you and subsequently, the world.  Ultimately, this really is true.