Mirror, Mirror Everywhere

Blog 3 Mirror

Look around and what do you see?

A world of reflection and imagery.

Beauty and joy, hatred and greed.

Freedom or control, flower or weed.

You are the artist, the projector, the lens

Your world, this time space…chaos or Zen?

Everyone’s talking about light and dark.

Deep down in your soul something’s started to spark.

It’s been a slow burn with flashes of fire.

When choice presents you’ve got to go higher.

Now is the time in this house of mirrors

Because life echoes back all the love and the fears.

As above so below, as within so without,

Love, pain, faith and doubt.

When you look in this mirror with your eyes and your heart,

Do you know you create? Are you playing your part?

It matters not your story line,

Heal yourself and the world, and design the divine!.

Check out my poem in E.P.I.C. Conscious Living Magazine.